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That's the boldfaced truth...

Author:Tom Neff
Posted:1/23/2000; 8:52:11 PM
Topic:scriptingNews outline for 1/22/00
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Dan (Lyke) is exactly right. Boldfacing should be done for occasional emphasis, not because the writer thinks she or he knows what the "key phrases" are.

If your article can really be "skimmed," and the useful information therein imparted to the reader by reading only the boldface phrases, then you should only WRITE the boldface phrases. Don't waste words.

I would also like to propose a web design analogue to Godwin's Law: When any weblogger or columnist feels the need to cite, invoke or link to Jakob Nielsen, then the topic is declared dead. If his adiabatic porridge of buzzworded tautologies, whimsical fiats and outright B.S. appears to support you, you're in the red zone.

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