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PikeRenderer Looking Good

Author:Michael Rose
Posted:2/17/2000; 1:53:58 PM
Topic:PikeRenderer Looking Good
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Thanks for the early release of Pike Renderer. It's working fine so far and already helps cut down on typing and makes writing a bit easier.

So will current renderers such as cadillac and Ian's docRenderer now be distributed as rules sets? Would it be correct to guess that rule sets could live in separate outlines and included by something like #useRuleSet rather than having to copy the rules for each outline?

One thing I haven't figured out is how outlines will be edited from the browser.So far I've been using WebEdit to toss the outlines back and forth. I guess that time will tell :)

Anyway, this is going a long way toward solving one of my major life dilemnas - should I do it in an outline or do it in Manila?

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