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Re: Frontier 6.1.1 Clean Install

Author:Ben Duguid
Posted:2/18/2000; 12:11:40 PM
Topic:Frontier 6.1.1 Clean Install
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So why did a clean install yesterday, downloaded from the userland site, that updated at midnight GMT last night, display broken image links this morning, that only fixed themselves after I copied the resources.root onto the box?

With a URL of: http://LocalHost/resources/icons/folder For the folder Icon for example.

(The Resources table does exist in the mainResponder table of mainResponder.root)


PS - Just double checked - and yes, I remove resources.root from the www folder, clear my cache, and look at the root of my web folder in the browser, and the little skull icon appears: (http://localHost/resources/userlandIcons/skull) beside the .root files, but if I click into (For example) prefs.root, the folder icons are broken: (http://loaclHost/resources/icons/folder)


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