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Author:Judy Rosella Edwards
Posted:2/22/2000; 8:25:26 AM
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Have you tried I use it successfully with Manila. It's pretty, it's polite, it co-exists well with Manila.

Drawbacks: 1) it only shows the last 10 hits.

Draw"forwards": 1) (see above) 2) the stats are emailed to you as a report once a week 3) you can configure lots of aspects of the counter 4) YOU CAN ASK IT TO NOT COUNT YOURSELF in the totals 5) It's pretty. Did I mention its pretty? :) 6) At the risk of mentioning the "S" word, it allegedly tracks Search Engines that lead ppl to you. But I haven't got that aspect to work and haven't really been interested. Sounds useful tho.

Just a thought . . . .


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