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Re: ManilaLand - My take

Author:Karl Martino
Posted:2/22/2000; 8:47:28 PM
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So many others are covering so much good ground, it's a struggle to add anything new and enlightening to the conversation, but this angle is itching at me so here goes....

ETP is special because it has a group of what I will call Neighborhood Mayors. People look to them for recognition, guidence, news, trends and so on. They point out the cool citizenry that show off what is possible, neat, and interesting. Kinda like Ed Rendell and his boosterism of Philly.

I am struggling like mad to make people understand at work that community on the web is a two way street. There must be a real feedback loop. A place where people come to check out what is new and cool, a place where people can look for examples to follow. An interesting editorial voice going, "Hey, look at this!".

Here in ManilaLand, there are multiple places for people to go for that kind of guidence and recognition. Scripting News being the largest, but there are others like carpe diem that consistently point me in cool directions as well.

In order for a community of websites to thrive, it needs that cool editorial assist that the Neighborhood Mayors give. Otherwise, it's just a bunch of websites falling in their own seperate forests with no one to hear.

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