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scriptingNews outline for 2/23/00

Author:Dave Winer
Posted:2/23/2000; 4:33:08 AM
Topic:scriptingNews outline for 2/23/00
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DaveNet: How to win the Presidency on the Internet. "The last time we had a choce, imho, was Nixon vs McGovern in 1972. That was the last time I worked for a presidential campaign. In 2000, this year, I'd like to work for one."

CNN is a My.UserLand channel. A surprise! Now if they'd fix the font size on the stories in MSIE5/Win. I'd be even happier.

Wired: The Web the Way It Was. "Thanks to new easy-to-use software, the number of weblogs on the Net seems to be growing at an unprecedented rate."

Weblogs that point to the Wired article on Weblogs.

Friday: "If there's an effective voter insurgency in either party, there's a chance that the US can overcome the multi-generation legacy of meaningless elections. If Gore and Bush coast into their conventions, there's no chance, in my humble opinion, of there being choice. So vote for McCain, and after he wins, let's ask him about free speech on the Internet."

OK. What about free speech on the Internet? McCain, if you want to be different from Clinton, say something different about the Internet. Let's talk about it.

NY Times: Presidential Primary Calendar.

Today's photos

I had a Spicy Noodles dinner with Nick Denton and David Galbraith of Moreover.Com.

Denton asked if we should write and sign a joint manifesto explaining where our part of the Web is headed. Some good ideas in this piece, imho.

And now, for the first time On The Internet, the Spicy Noodles, in person! Well, some of the pictures didn't come out so great, that's why I'm going back on Monday for a lunch with Mike Boich of Eazel, and of course I'll bring my digital camera and take some more pictures.

Now, there's actually a serious side to this (sure!)..

SpicyNoodles.Com will become a Manila hosting service like EditThisPage.Com. Our German hosting service, running on a server in Germany. Other Europeans are welcome of course, as are Americans, Asians, Africans, or Australians. (Did I leave anyone out?)

More pictures. If the atmosphere at Buck's is too kitschy, or if you can't get a table, or if you want some privacy, try the Parkside Grille in Portola Valley. It's quieter, and they have the best California style food in the area. If you're lucky enough to get Lori for a waitress tell her she's fantastic, and then tell her you know me. ";->"

Oliver Breidenbach: "You can not imagine how big this event is."

Checkin in

Register: CeBIT bans Tom's Hardware, Register. "Online journalists will be banned from next week's CeBIT trade show in Hannover, Germany." Advanced XML Applications in Zope.

Great links today on Qube Quorner.

On the Weblogs.Com HotList, Blogger pulls ahead, increasing its lead over Manila. A little shuffling in the top 10, but surprising stability.

Michael Parsons: Database Theatre. "Well, I've never really thought about it before, Earl, but I think I'd go for post-apocalypse Los Angeles. Nicer climate."

R-rated weblogging

Yes Virginia, there is a sex weblog. It had to happen. The guy who runs it wants a link. Happy to oblige! Now, how about some more mature women for us older guys??

The sexlog guy gets it. Right after I linked to him, he links to me. Excellent. The Web is a conversation. Now, I don't want brushed-over pumped-up mature women. I want the girl next door, down the street, shopping at Nordstrom's or reading in the Stanford library. Exploring new dimensions of weblogging!

Young men sometimes think that women stop being girls as they get older. It's not true! (Thank god.)

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