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scriptingNews outline for 2/26/00

Author:Dave Winer
Posted:2/26/2000; 3:04:29 AM
Topic:scriptingNews outline for 2/26/00
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Now Manila supports plug-ins. The first one, surveys, is ready to run on most UserLand-hosted Manila sites.

If you're a Frontier server manager, you can install Manila plug-ins to bring new features to the sites you host.

The Manila plug-ins architecture gives developers lots of power.

A rambling piece on competing, Blogger, Sidekick, Bill Gates, BlogThis, brilliance, Amazon, patents, why software markets die, and why Internet users are not powerless because Amazon still has competitors they can buy from.

This might set the record for the longest license plate.

BurmaNet News is heavy. I'm starting to look at sites based on how many members they have. This one has 42. The highest membership site on EditThisPage.Com is Crusoe's Companion with 116.

A Weblogs.Com search reveals that 74 of the sites link to specific pages on Amazon. When you go to the sites the links can be hard to find. Amazon is quite deeply rooted on the Web, without help from a patent.

Fourteen weblogs point to That's up from zero yesterday.

Blogger sites that point to NoAmazon.Com.

Dan Gillmor has an email from the president of Cuesta Technologies, who says "We have been providing affiliate programs for our client web sites since 1995."

Bitácora: "Mis Pesos no son para el Sr. Bezos."

Sr. Bezos makes a guest appearance on the asknot page.

Hey how did I miss that there's an XML file pointing to all the Blogger sites?

Who Is NoAmazon.Com? Who Is Casey Muratori?

"noamazonalignright"Seattle Times, 11/7/99: "Casey Muratori, a software programmer with Kirkland-based Rad Game Tools, was so incensed by the lawsuit against that he set up a Web site called 'We were just outraged that we had spent a lot of money at their Web site and they took a stand in the wrong direction," he said of the reaction among fellow programmers at the Kirkland company. 'I'm sure the engineers at knew this was something that should not have been patented.'"

I added two global shortcuts making it easy for UserLand-hosted Manila sites to point to NoAmazon.Com. They are "noamazon" and "noamazonalignright".

Too bad this domain is under construction.

BTW, a heads-up to people with sites on UserLand servers. You don't have to agree with me. I had a conversation with a friend who has a site here and has a different position on Amazon. He said he saw me as his landlord. That's not cool. You are free to have any point of view you want, I don't want any editorial control over your sites, I only want to influence your opinion, not to dictate it.

Qube Quorner: "Qubes are very good at serving static pages, but bad at serving dynamic pages."

Dear World, I can't take it any more.

Adam Platti: Street Art in San Francisco.

Oh geez, this is a serious site.

Hommage à Hedy Lamarr. Gorgeous!

Big news! There's now a category for more or less Dogma 2000-compliant weblogs.

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