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Dave, I had a great time!

Author:Craig Jensen
Posted:3/26/2000; 9:51:56 PM
Topic:Dave, I had a great time!
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I just got in on the San Jose to Austin "Geek Express". ManilaPalooza was great. Even though I'm kind of embarrased that my demo of Sam Reynold's Filer plugin didn't work, it wasn't enough to prevent me from still having a total blast! (I still don't know why my password kept getting rejected, it worked this morning at my friend's place in La Honda.)

It was great to put faces with names. Does anyone else think that Matt looks like a cross between an Impressionist painter and a 30's Hollywood swashbuckling movie star? Of course I knew what Dave looked like, and Brent, Sheila and Andre too. But hey, Ken Dow, Bob Bierman, Eric Soroos, Erin Clerico, Tom Clifton, Andrew Woolridge, Susan Kitchen, Phil Suh, Kate Adams and many more, what a gas. Ya'll are great. I hope this sort of thing happens again. If Austin is ever considered I volunteer to help with local arrangements.

Okay, time for bed. Tomorrow PIKE!


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