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Grateful Dave, & where's PIKE been all my life?

Author:mike donellan
Posted:3/29/2000; 8:08:13 PM
Topic:Grateful Dave, & where's PIKE been all my life?
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Just a note to say that DaveNet winding down is a mixed thing for many of us, but YOU are not gonna stop being Dave, so I don't feel like I'll be missing out on anything really, just coming to Scripting News.

Thanks for all the time you've put into all this -- whether in thought, keystrokes, or software -- it's all honest and good, and that's why those of us who come here [and have for years] continue to do so.

And a big YES to PIKE!!! Damn... makes me wonder why nobody thought of that before?!! It's a hand-coder's dream to have outlining functionality in an html authoring environment, and actually feels quite natural. And to me, it's much faster than the regular ETP method - which is an added plus!

Heh, now I know why the UserLand cow is just a skull: you've got that cow brain soaking in a vat of LSD somewhere, hooked up to a toaster and an old TI-15, giving you *visions* of cool software that we all need in random led patterns!

Seriously, kudos to you, Brent, and all the Userland crew on that effort - beta or not. It's gonna be cool to see how PIKE develops from here out!

PS... and I'll be working again on this weekend, and I'm glad to get some feedback!

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