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Frontier UpdateRoot feature request

Author:John Lim
Posted:3/29/2000; 10:07:51 PM
Topic:Frontier UpdateRoot feature request
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The Problem

I was trying to update my manila.root to get the new static rendering features. During the update, Frontier froze.

On reboot, the static rendering UI was visible, but static rendering didn't work. So I went to restore an older manila?.root backup and tried to run update on the older root.

Now the problem is that the manila root last update date is stored in Frontier.root and I did not realize this. So everytime tried to update the manila backup, I got a message saying no parts to update.

Eventually I guessed what was happening, dug up an old backup of frontier.root and copied the user.rootupdates.servers.manila tree over.

Feature Request

Could userland add some fields to guest apps so that the user.rootupdates.servers.? fields are stored in the app also, and some basic integrity checks are done with the guest app and Frontier.root first.

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