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scriptingNews outline for 3/30/00

Author:Dave Winer
Posted:3/30/2000; 6:56:24 AM
Topic:scriptingNews outline for 3/30/00
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UserLand is hosting the first WebApps 2000 meeting on Wednesday April 19, in Palo Alto, CA. The meeting opens with a dinner on April 18. It's a full-day event. There will be brief presentations, and lots of time for small group breakouts and one-to-one meetings. US$750.

Dale Dougherty: Viola Is a Repository of Prior Art. "Patent 5,838,906 has to do with controlling embedded hypermedia applications inside a browser. A person named Michael Doyle applied for this patent in 1994, and he got the patent in 1999. Now he is suing Microsoft (going after the big fish first) saying that ActiveX controls among other things infringe on his patent. The lawsuit set Microsoft off on a search for prior art and they uncovered Viola."

Pei Wei: Viola Home Page. A Web browser from 1991. The first to support graphics! And many other things.

O'Reilly Associates is a sponsor of WebApps 2000. Thanks!

WebApps 2000 will be held at Hyatt Rickeys. Weather in mid-April in Palo Alto is likely to be perfect. Highs in the 70s, possibility of some rain, but not likely. We're going to use the outdoors as much as we possibly can.

Jacob Levy found Netscape 6 Preview Release 1.

Edd Dumbill: "Where does my personal data actually live? Does it live a place where all the Web Apps I use can get at it?"

Tim Bray will be at WebApps 2000. Tim, you are one of three editors of XML 1.0, which is a key spec for Web App developers. You also have a product in development that's a Web App, so you come to Palo Alto with a practical attitude and an entreprenurial spirit. Since you come from Canada, we are already assured that WebApps 2000 will be an international conference.

If Bryan Boyer makes a billion dollars on his Web App startup, I have a feeling he'll know what to do with the money. We hope Bryan will be there. He says that his company's app will be public by then. Curious!

We're also working on scholarships for deserving Web App entrepreneurs who are cash-strapped. It happens. We want your brain and ideas, even if we can't get your money. Some rich companies will be there. So there are sponsorship opportunities. Feel free to email me with offers or requests.

Chip Brookshaw: Sorting Out a Web Spreadsheet. "I think almost anyone who uses BrainMatter will be amazed at how it looks and acts like a typical spreadsheet, with all the basic calculating, sorting and formatting functions you would expect."

I'm still filling out the background reading page on the WebApps 2000 site. I want this to grow huge. Send me links to your apps or articles you think others would find interesting.

NY Times: Federal Agency Rethinks Internet Patents.

This page counts page reads for Weblogs.Com hosted sites, starting on 3/30/00. The stats are recalced once a night at midnight Pacific."

This page lists the 20 most recently updated home pages hosted at Weblogs.Com. A change in length of at least 50 characters is required for a page to appear on this list."

MacInTouch Reader Report: MSIE5 and Outlook Express 5.02 for Macintosh.

InfoWorld: Beta of Netscape 6 due April 5.

Web Patents: Heard, by the USPTO.

UserLand as a publisher: "In my opinion, there's no silver bullet here. He would have a conflict of interest, but all pubs appear to be crossing this line now. Editorialists no longer take an oath of poverty, nor should they, imho."

Matt Neuburg: A Gentle Introduction to XML-RPC.

How to Make Money on the Internet: "[Klaus Schwab] has an interesting way of introducing speakers, one which I've never seen before, that I will try the next time I moderate a panel. He addresses the speaker not the audience. For example he would say "Tony Blair, you are the Prime Minister of Great Britain. In your six years in office you have had many successes in bringing your country into the new global economy. You were a Global Leader of Tomorrow, inducted in 1989. We are very proud of our association with you.""

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