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Re: wildass development

Author:Kurt J. Egger
Posted:3/31/2000; 12:38:10 PM
Topic:scriptingNews outline for 3/31/00
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I put an into the table and added an "guest databases:www:" folder inside the Pike folder.

Voila, works fine.

I recall a passage in "What is Pike?" defining Pike as a free Frontier-Runtime option. I can't link to it right now (host not found error)

Things I noticed:

  • No webserver support in responders.default.any
  • XML/RPC only for pike.something (Other top-handlers are not honored)
  • Closing a GDB does not provide info if closed or hidden (I suspect they are hidden)

    I am shy to copy stuff from the main Frontier distribution (mainresponder, prefs, etc.) because it might cross the licence for Frontier and Pike.

    But I see a huge potential for Pike (client side) utilites and plug-ins which may or may not complement webapps done with Frontier on the server side.

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