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Re: wildass development

Author:David Brown
Posted:3/31/2000; 1:18:51 PM
Topic:scriptingNews outline for 3/31/00
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That was my first thought as well.

I'm trying to figure out how to do it without completely reverse engineering Manila (which is, of course, a dramatic overstatement of what is necessary). I'm just not sure how to sensibly map all of the elements in storyInfo. Manila has the advantage of having a well defined internal structure, whereas Zope is open to anything.

For instance, storyInfo includes items like message number, responses, and the number of times the message has been read. There is nothing in a vanilla Zope install that corresponds to those attributes, so something needs to be created.

The "Pike Compatible" XML-RPC interface defines everthing we need for Pike to talk to something else, but once again it deals with concepts that do not exist out of the box for Zope, and will require a bit of framework programming. Of course, most of what is needed is functionality that should probably be provided by Zope anyway.

Some would say that Zope's lack of imposed structure is its power, but I would say that right now it's causing a lot of thrashing.

I should probably look into the Zope Portal Toolkit to see if it addresses the lack of structure, and perhaps lobby for a bit of Pike Compatibility as well.


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