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LEO - an open-source outline editor

Author:Duncan Smeed
Posted:4/1/2000; 2:48:02 PM
Topic:LEO - an open-source outline editor
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Today LEO went open-source:
LEO is a new kind of program editor that represents a noweb or CWEB (literate) program as an outline. The combination of literate programming and outlining creates a powerful and enjoyable new way of programming.

Leo outlines can host programs written in virtually any text-based programming language. Text in different languages, including for example, HTML, scripts and make files, may appear in the same outline. It's possible to clone (make hot copies of) parts of an outline. Clones allow multiple view of a program within a single outline. Clones greatly aid maintanance and documentation.

Working versions of Leo exist for the PC and the Macintosh. Leo is looking for programmers to port Leo to Linux and Java.

BTW, MacIE5 gives data decryption errors when trying to connect to SourceForge via https! A major bug I seem to recall someone mentioning in, I think, the Macintouch review discussion thread.

PS I would have posted this to but that's a very low traffic site...

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