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Track-PacBell & Outage Madness

Author:Jeff Imig
Posted:4/2/2000; 7:19:54 PM
Topic:Track-PacBell & Outage Madness
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I sure hope you can get PacBell to do something. I've had the feeling in the last few months that there is (are) serious problems in the internet as a whole, because I noticed that many times when was having trouble, there were a group of sites I regularly visit which were also having trouble.

Your new Track-PacBell posting & site got me nostalgic for "internetweather"... as I remember there was controversy over that name...

"internetweather" became NetCopter ... I just discovered NetCopter is DEAD... an interesting story on their site, titled 'It Has Been Fun'.

UC Santa Cruz has a site that looks like the old internetweather cum NetCopter site, and some links:

Here is one from UC Irvine:

"" now takes you to here & will bury you in stats:


We're all dieing for that high speed interenet connection.

Jeff Imig.

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