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Re: PacBell blaming others...

Author:Thomas A. Creedon
Posted:4/3/2000; 12:21:51 PM
Topic:Track-PacBell & Outage Madness
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Hello all,

I read some of the article and was thinking, if your users are creating a problem, then you need to set some limits. Bandwidth is not infinite. Why doesn't' PacBell just set some reasonable limits? Like how about you can't email that 75 megabyte Dark Redemption Star Wars movie to all your friends?

I've been working with Webstar email recently and they have all kinds of options to limit number of messages, size of each message, etc. Certainly PacBell could use software to put some limits on things.

What's up with PacBell? :-( It all sounds like some lame excuse.


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