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Re: IE 5/ Mac - outliner finally possible

Author:Nicholas Riley
Posted:4/3/2000; 5:17:03 PM
Topic:IE 5/ Mac - outliner finally possible
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Wow. This is incredibly cool. My favorite thing is being able to type in HTML source into the headings, just hit return, and see it instantly rendered. Would there be a way to do this with a text area instead of a field, so you could do the same thing with Web pages? That way you could enable a kind of "edit-in-place" when you go to "Edit This Page", and would be able to have a full HTML source editor.

The downside is speed... loading the page locally takes about 20 seconds on my G3/250. Perhaps Mozilla's JavaScript interpreter will be faster? I tried loading your outliner page there but it came up blank.

Unrelated, update on my work with Pike/Zope: I am attaching data to the headlines, and trying to keep it so that the data sticks with the headlines even if they are moved or renamed, which I keep track of through the refCon in Frontier, and through making each headline a separate object in the ZODB on the Zope side. The project I'm working on has a specific use for this, but I can think of a more generic one: cloning.

I wrote a simple script to generate unique IDs/refCons in Frontier, and apply them to the outline without changing the structure too much. I'll need to make some changes to the tabbed-headline format to incorporate unique ID data; probably at the moment I'll do something that base64 encodes the unique ID and sticks it before the tabs that indicate the level of the headline, but that's a bit inelegant. Structuring the XML-RPC message makes a lot more sense - I'm thinking about an XMLized version of dot-head format.

I ran into some limitations with the tree-viewer I'm using (it's the TreeWidget from the IDLE IDE), and so I spent a lot of time fixing it up this weekend. It still redraws the entire outline each time, but it flickers a lot less now because I only create Labels when necessary, for the rest of the items I just use text on a canvas. There's a nice "Edit in Zope" item in a contextual menu waiting to be hooked up, and I wish I could start ASAP, but homework intervenes. I'll try to get to it tomorrow or Wednesday. Sigh.


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