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Re: IE 5/ Mac - outliner finally possible

Author:James Spahr
Posted:4/3/2000; 5:27:42 PM
Topic:IE 5/ Mac - outliner finally possible
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Wow. This is incredibly cool. My favorite thing is being able to type in HTML source into the headings, just hit return, and see it instantly rendered. Would there be a way to do this with a text area instead of a field, so you could do the same thing with Web pages? That way you could enable a kind of "edit-in-place" when you go to Edit this Page, and would be able to have a full HTML source editor.

Right now my goal is to create outline based, group to do lists. I've kept my to do lists in outlines for years - now I need to share them. Pike is an option - I want to see if I can get this to work first.

I've thought of ways to avoid the html forms altogether - and that may be a nicer way to get multi-line lines.

The downside is speed... loading the page locally takes about 20 seconds on my G3/250. Perhaps Mozilla's JavaScript interpreter will be faster? I tried loading your outliner page there but it came up blank.

The issue is not the download speed - the page is only about 20k. I need to build all the DIVS I might possibly need before the page finishes loading. There's a bug in the browser that will not let me add DIVS after the page loads. Right now you are limited to 100 lines. I had it at 1000, but it forever ...

It was very fast until I needed the ability to create new lines :-(

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