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Re: Screen shot of Pike editing Weblogs.Com home page

Author:mike donellan
Posted:4/3/2000; 6:23:57 PM
Topic:Let's talk about macros
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man, that's some sort of deep truth about all this, is it not?

hmm... i figure that you know i want to see the engine - the sublime underworkings - by now, as do many others. and, of course, there are many who enjoy the "EditThisPage" button - the actualization - as well.

perhaps truly *beautiful code* is that which allows the user to do both: becoming *what* the user wants from it, not the other way around. there's very little software that has such power, yet is packaged in such a way as to be so flexible.

wow, the thought of that should give you and your userland crew a big smile every now and then!

keep diggin & divin'


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