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Let's talk about macros

Author:Dave Winer
Posted:4/3/2000; 8:12:34 AM
Topic:Let's talk about macros
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OK, we've done a lot of work on macros in Manila, and we're getting ready to ship some of it. But people still don't get them. Like taxes and stock options, there seems to be some resistance, but everyone who can do a template or code in CSS or Javascript, can understand macros.

A visualization of macros

In fact, I think macros are really easy! That's why we have them, to make really big things really easy.

Imagine holding a very long string with a very big ball at the end of it. When you flick your wrist, very slightly, the ball moves 10 yards.

Macros can be very powerful. Maybe that's why people have trouble wrapping their minds around them.

Special macros on Weblogs.Com

Over the weekend I documented the set of macros that implement Weblogs.Com. It's just a Manila site, and any Manila site hosted on Weblogs.Com can do the same stuff. So when people have suggestions about the user interface of Weblogs.Com, I wonder why they don't just:

  1. If you don't already have one, start a website on Weblogs.Com.

  2. Show me how they want the home page to look.

UserLand wants your mind

This is one of those times when we need some activity with users of our software to help define and drive the process. If you have some spare cycles and are interested in doing something ground-breaking and interesting (and easy!) go ahead and make a new site and play play play (and post pointers here).

If you have questions, or it doesn't work, post post post! Let me know what's specifically confusing. What did you try to do? Pointers please. What did you enter into the page? What didn't work? Did you try to work around the problem? Don't forget to read the docs. (And no complaints please.)

I promise we have much more good stuff coming here. This is how we get it started. Thanks!!

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