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Re: One more DaveNet: If I only had a brain.

Author:Stewart Wolfe
Posted:4/4/2000; 3:59:52 PM
Topic:scriptingNews outline for 4/4/00
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PS: The first thing I'd add to the browser is an include tag. That would fuel a whole generation of new web apps. I wrote about this in The Killer Tag, 12/18/96.

I thought this would be great. It was my number one feature request for browsers, until I thought about one thing.

It really complicates the deep linking issue: I go to someones site who delivers great content, they use include tags to put their stories into a frame work. I build my own site, put an include tag for the story in my site, and give them no credit for it.

I would be scared to be a content developer if browsers worked this way. At least with frames it can be obvious that the different frames come from different places.

The possible abuses of an include tag are too great. You'd have to go to the source code to find out if what you were reading really came from where you thought it did.

If the include is done on the server, no problem.

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