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A new friend for Pike?

Author:Michael Rose
Posted:4/5/2000; 2:07:05 AM
Topic:A new friend for Pike?
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This is an excerpt of an email which found its way to my inbox this morning...

"Endeavors Technology is proud to announce the initial beta release of Version 0.5 of its open source, Apache-based, personal desktop Web server software. Magi combines HTTP-based buddy and presence information with dynamic WebDAV access controls to allow users, their buddies, or agents to share, remotely author, or synchronize documents and data across a variety of machines--even if they are connected to the Internet through a dialup or behind a firewall.

More information is available at "

I've taken a quick look at their Web site and, at least on the surface, it seems that there are a number of ways Magi could complement and play nice with Pike, XML-RPC and the Userland philosophy.

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