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Re: Level of Respect for Web People

Author:Brian Honey
Posted:4/7/2000; 6:11:16 AM
Topic:Level of Respect for Web People
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I guess my situation is similar to yours, except I'm not under as much "fire" as you seem to be...

I recently (late Jan. 2000) just started heading up a new ecommerce/website division of a small marketing communications (fancy term for "advertising") firm. Before I came on board, they had been doing some websites here and there, by just one guy on staff - the resident computer/networking/prepress guru.

Nearly all of the creative (for print, mainly) people I've been working with have been very open to "web" ideas. For the most part they see it as just another avenue for output, as we also do some radio, multimedia presentations, and such.

I *think* they respect me, but I could be wrong... they told me they call *all* new employees "dumb*&$" for the first few months...

ha ha - Hope your situation improves, or at least becomes less stressful. Exactly how are you being treated? Do the print/prepress people seem threatened by you, or do they just discount your work as part of the "new media crap"?

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