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Thank God for Sullivan [mini NS6 review]

Author:Brian Honey
Posted:4/7/2000; 6:27:03 AM
Topic:Thank God for Sullivan [mini NS6 review]
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Man oh man am I glad to learn that the Netscape 6 UI can be grafted with special skins - like the elegant Sullivan from (Dave has links to these somewhere).

I love the speed of the NS6 PR1 - it definitely renders much faster than NC4.72 on my PIII machine. Of course, it also has some slight problems in screen redraws and slowness of menu activation. It would also be nice to import my existing bookmarks (well, an *obvious* way, at least) but I guess/hope that's coming.

What I don't like about NS6 is the UI - I hate - the portal, and when you run NS6 that's basically what you're seeing. The style of the Back/Forward/etc. buttons - all are similar to the newly design look of the Netcenter portal.

Looking forward to other similar Sullivan-like skins - and a more developed PR2 release of NS6!

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