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The State of Telecom in the US

Author:Oliver Breidenbach
Posted:4/8/2000; 1:15:11 AM
Topic:The State of Telecom in the US
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I am amazed.

I always believed that the US are a telecom heaven. My believes are shattered.

My 2 Mbit line never goes down. I can be reached using my GSM mobile phone all over Europe and in more than 50 countries all over the world (except USA). Admittedly, I can´t use my modem 120 miles south of here, because in Italy, they have a different phone jack and I´d need a different power cable for my PowerBook . Still, this seems to be a minor inconvinience compared to the outages Userland experiences with their T1 line.

May I ask how much you pay for the line? How much more would a T3 line be?



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