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Re: I hate Napster, Gnutella, Freenet...

Author:William Crim
Posted:4/8/2000; 2:32:04 PM
Topic:I hate Napster, Gnutella, Freenet...
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This isn't a metaphysical issue, it is a practical one. It is like driving on the shoulder of the road. Yes it CAN be done, but the system breaks down, and accidents happen.

Having these systems span port numbers like they do, they make the network unmanagable, not uncontrollable, UNMANAGABLE. Gnutella and Freenet clients can attach to port 80 on a remote machine. However this pumps unecessary data through my proxy cache, overloading it. How can I tell if I REALLY need more bandwidth, or if I am just supplimenting warez trading. It is like filling out your Census form wrong delibratly, you simply break the system down and ruin it for everyone else.

I don't care what users do, just so long as they place nice on the network(follow rules, and don't hog). However, Gnutella/Freenet don't play nice on the network, they break the rules(delibrately). They aren't MY rules, they are the rules of TCP/IP, they are the rules of 20+ years of Internet convention. I HAVE to manage my network, with finite resources(as we all have) management is necessary. If I can't MANAGE my network, then I am forced to CONTROL my network(with bandwidth shaping, dropping long connections and large file transfers,content filtering), which is much less nice.

An open and free network, like an open and free society, only work if the people basicly follow the rules.

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