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Re: I hate Napster, Gnutella, Freenet...

Author:Phil Wolff
Posted:4/7/2000; 11:43:32 AM
Topic:I hate Napster, Gnutella, Freenet...
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Gnutella and Freenet(not quite so much Napster) quite frankly break the whole TCP/IP purpose. They basicly span a whole range of port numbers, can choose them at random, and can pipe through known port numbers to serve non-standard content. Thier whole purpose is to be HARD to administer(therefore hard to restrict). I can understand thier desires, but as a Network admin I find these programs to be EVIL. They remove MY control of MY network.

I am probably wrong but I want to comment on this. Not addressing you, William, since I don't know you or your situation, but I think you're in error. Here's why...

You should be a hero. But you can't be until you grok that...

The network you manage is the *user's* network.

While there are exceptions, perhaps you, my experience is that network admins, especially firewall/security admins, don't believe that. It shows up in poor internal customer service and long delays to support the tools of the day. You may not recall, but it took

I suggest that your profession is actually provoking the work-arounds that deprive you of control because you misuse that control.

You can change this by accepting the user empowerment challenge: to put as much capability to communicate and collaborate, peer to peer or otherwise, in the hands of as many members of your community as possible, as quickly as possible.

Be a hero of the people.

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