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Re: Skins == Bad?

Author:Steven Vore
Posted:4/11/2000; 12:35:56 PM
Topic:scriptingNews outline for 4/10/2000
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"Mozilla radically solves this problem by not following any one OS's UI guidelines ... why we see non-standard native widgets and behaviors (scroll bars, dialog boxes, etc.) in Mozilla regardless of the OS it is running on. In some sense, this is a good thing"

Hmm, but contrast this with Pete's frustration in$51

Is this similar to the Mac's User Interface Guidelines?

That's the way I'm thinking, too. Standards are a good thing. They make life easier for the user. I'd rather have consistancy within the platform I use than ease of programming, and I think most users would agree. And aren't users the important people in this conversation? Hey, if I felt that users of my product were important, I might even have the word "user" somewhere in my company's name :-)

That dosen't mean that skins are bad, by the way. As long as they don't, or at least the default doesn't, break user interface guidelines/standards then they're ok. Heck, I change the look of RealJukebox all the time, because I like a smaller window with more compact buttons than the default. No matter how small the window, though, Alt-F4 still exits the app.


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