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Re: Mozilla is not a browser
Posted:4/12/2000; 1:07:55 PM
Topic:Mozilla is not a browser
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But the reason that Dreamweaver suceeds as a platform is that it makes a very good HTML editor that lots of people understand and use. For Mozilla to suceed as a this open source platform for web enabled applications will hinge upon it's acceptance as a browser by developers and the public. If the next version of Dreamweaver increased its ability to be a net enabled XML editor, but decreased it's usability as an HTML editor then it would be a less viable platform because the user base would shrink.

Most of the complaints about the Netscape pre-release and Mozilla are really usability issues that shouldn't be that hard to address. I think that if the Netscape preview had come out with the Sullivan skin installed the public reaction would have been much more favorable.

The public wants a really good browser for general use. The Mozilla group promised them that when they started. Deliver on that promise first and then you can start to tell the story of Mozilla the platform that web apps are built upon. Stating now that Mozilla is not a browser is just confusing and makes it appear that the group is welching on the promises made two years ago.

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