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Posted:4/15/2000; 9:15:45 AM
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I am trying to resist interjecting here but it's very hard.

I would simply mention that Chris is right, for people who already have their 'surf routines' worked out (and tied to some sort of app or management system) Deepleap may not be immediately useful. One advantage that we do provide though, is the ability to access all of your information in multiple way. Currently you can access it though the app itself, on the website, and soon we will be offering users access to their info as an xml feed. There are more feeds planned soon... and I'll leave it at that. =)

The metainfo we've built into Deepleap is exciting, but personally I find the integration possabilities much cooler. Try launching the app with a currently-in-the-theater movie name selected. You should get an option for "more movie information" which I think does a good example of showing what it can do.

Now we're working on building out the feature set and adding more tools contextually relevant to more things. So goes it.

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