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Music and the Internet

Author:Jacob Levy
Posted:4/17/2000; 10:07:25 AM
Topic:Music and the Internet
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I'm absolutely surprised that no big band or individual performer has yet broken rank, cut completely loose from their contract with the big recording industrials and posted their music on the Internet. Since they're apparently (according to their own complaints) not making all that much money slaving away for the big recording companies, what do they have to lose?

Another surprise in this negative trend is that some performance started on the Internet and then signed on with the recording studios after becoming known. Go figure. Maybe this is the problem? In the meatine, all of this is getting really uglier and uglier. According to this piece, artists are opposed to Napster and the likes. Maybe they're not so badly off with the recording giants after all? Huh?

Meanwhile, this clumsy and cumbersome effort seems doomed from the start.

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