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Re: Music and the Internet

Author:Kip DeGraaf
Posted:4/17/2000; 10:40:02 AM
Topic:Music and the Internet
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Artists are not going to cut themselves off from the industrials until an easy and universal way of consumers paying for their music comes around.

MP3 isn't it sadly. I like it MP3 files personally, but there is just no incentive to buy the original like there used to be when kids would tape their CDs or albums to cassette. The quality of cassette was crappy and if you liked the music, you most likely got the real deal. Now with MP3 being nearly indistinguishable to the average ear from a CD, there is no need to go back and get that real CD.

So, someone pays real money for one set of MP3s of an artist's new album, slaps them on his Napster server and everyone else enjoys free music and the artist wonders 'why bother?'

I don't have the answer, but I know that MP3s are not the solution quite yet.

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