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Why do artists have their own software companies?

Author:Robert Cassidy
Posted:4/20/2000; 11:12:41 AM
Topic:Why do artists have their own software companies?
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I actually have a theory for this.

The quality/type of writing is rarely influenced by the tools being used. That is, it's impossible to tell when reading a novel whether the author wrote is longhand, typed it, wordprocessed it, etc.

Art is different. In many cases you look at a work of art and can tell immediately at least some of the tools involved (either traditional or computer based).

Microsoft has never been sufficiently creative at a level that would have allowed them to satisfy the artistic market - and this will never, ever change, IMO. But for writing, the threshold is different - not because writers are less demanding than artists, but because the quality of work is influenced less by the tool they are using.

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