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Dispatches from the Napster and Gnutella front

Author:Jacob Levy
Posted:4/20/2000; 1:28:43 PM
Topic:Dispatches from the Napster and Gnutella front
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Some random links:

In her Philli News opinion piece, Rachel Simon says that using Napster equals stealing.

In a ClickZ article, Dana Blankenhorn contemplates the effects of prosecution in the Napster case, and thinks about how prosecution would be carried out for Gnutella.

According to this Upside article by Jeff Reyna, the picture ain't pretty: it's going to be users who get sued and convicted, under a zero tolerance implementation of NETA.

Time Magazine rehashes the story of how Metallica and the RIAA are strange bedfellows in their fight against Napster. None of which seems to have any effect on Shawn Fanning, the kid who started Napster, according to this Forbes article.

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