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Re: Email to Brian Behlendorf

Author:Faisal Jawdat
Posted:4/22/2000; 7:51:13 PM
Topic:Email to Brian Behlendorf
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I think we took a wrong turn a couple of years back, all of a sudden every hard-working software guy is on the defensive, unless he's one of the O'Reilly-annointed gods of open source.

Just ignore them. Really. There are open source users, open source creators, and open source zealots. The only kind you're worried about are the zealots. For the kind of market you're selling to, it's just a waste of time to even attempt to address the subject. You are a commercial software developer, you sell software. Do you get any revenue from the people who are bitching about how your software is open source? Will you?

You've done a fantastic job of providing open protocols. Follow the open source "how to handle a user who wants a feature" logic: they have the protocol, they're welcome to develop open source software to work with it.


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