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Re: ISPs of convenience

Author:Steven Vore
Posted:4/24/2000; 6:30:23 AM
Topic:ISPs of convenience
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Speaking of signal-to-noise ratio, how many postings do we get that claim to have found defective reasoning when they just didn't think it through.

But do those postings help, in the larger view? Do any of us claim to have the "right" answer the first time, or do these sorts of postings lead to discussions and more thorough thinking-through of topics? Hey, you (the generic you) may have the right answer, but if it's not understood - because I'm (the generic I) too stupid or busy to think it through, is there a posability that your re-explaination will not only help me understand it but also make it clearer for others?

I think so.

But then again, I'm not prefect. or even perfect.

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