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e-books versus d-t-books

Author:Jacob Levy
Posted:6/3/2000; 8:55:19 AM
Topic:e-books versus d-t-books
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For the "uninitiated": d-t stands for dead tree

That NYT article is right on the money! But while I agree that the ability to resize the font and otherwise modify the appearance of a book is one of the major benefits of e-books, there is something about the quality of the publication, the touch of paper and the smell of the binding of d-t-books that has not yet been reproduced by e-books.

It reminds me of a childrens' book my wife brought home last night from her store, about Rembrandt. The book is "A Weekend with Rembrandt" by Pascal Bonafoux, ISBN-N-084781446. Rembrandt's paintings are said to be as much about the art of painting as about the subject being painted. So it is, for me at least, with books. They're as much about the way the book feels to hold, smell, touch and see, as they are about what's written in them.

I for one hope that d-t-books survive in some form, alongside e-books.

While in A'dam did you go see any Rembrandt exhibitions?

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