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Re: scriptingNews outline for 6/3/2000

Author:Jakob Nielsen
Posted:6/3/2000; 11:52:03 AM
Topic:scriptingNews outline for 6/3/2000
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If I may offer some advice to Jakob Nielsen, make [list of Spotlights] your home page, and link to Alertboxes from it, and update it more frequently. You're doing a weblog Jakob.

Good advice, if only I could take it. I am currently committed to posting the Alertbox on a regular schedule, and I have been able to do so for five years (except that three years ago personal events made me miss one scheduled column).

If I am even a single day late, people complain bitterly. As they are certainly within their rights to do, since established expectations are one of the most important usability principles.

Turn to the idea of updating the site every day with new and insightful commentary on that day's events. Great. But I don't always have something to post every day. Sometimes I will be so busy with other projects that there is nothing new for a week.

I admire Dave for being able to generate new content every day, even while away for conferences or intensive design offsites. And you know, the day you were traveling home from Europe recently, I hit your site and was disappointed by the lack of content. (Of course, I understand why Scripting News was not updated that day, I just say that I didn't get my habit satisfied.)

That's the problem: if one starts being a daily, one has to be a daily every day.

I admit that posting news on a more random basis (whenever I have something) is not ideal. But at least it doesn't generate any expectations that I would have to violate.

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