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Re: scriptingNews outline for 6/3/2000

Author:Dave Winer
Posted:6/3/2000; 12:10:17 PM
Topic:scriptingNews outline for 6/3/2000
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That's the problem: if one starts being a daily, one has to be a daily every day.

I don't agree. I programmed "Weblogs.Com" to scan your Spotlighted Links page and added it to my favorites, and I am comfortable with the rate at which you update it, and I notice that you're updating it more recently now which is very good, but it would also be very good if you took a break.

Re your reader's expectations, imho, I don't think you're doing them any favor by fitting into their idea of how often you should write. This will color the way I read you in the future, it's inevitable, I'd rather know that when I see an AlertBox it's because you had something important to say, not that some security-conscious nincompoop can't stand not hearing from you.

It's funny I had a recent conversation exactly like this with Paolo Valdemarin in Trieste. I have it all the time with Bob Bierman, the one UserLand person who doesn't have a weblog. I had this kind of conversation with Andre and Brent, now who both have weblogs. Brent updates pretty much every day, Andre less regularly.

The rule that it has to be updated on a regular basis is a myth, I believe.

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