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A web revival.

Author:Andrew Wooldridge
Posted:7/9/2000; 9:23:02 AM
Topic:A web revival.
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I'm getting the feeling that we are on the cusp of another web revival. The dot-com-layoffs are a really good sign. Tons of talented folks with time on their hands, getting hungry :)

I think that the stage is being set for a whole new round of web-apps, as the technologies that have been incubating for the past few years mature. Things like napster and gnutella are showing us that the internet doesnt have to be the same old stuff - and things like SETI@Home showing us that we are connected in ways we never imagined.

XML, SVG, SOAP, XUL, PYTHON, PHP, etc. and other languages are equipping us with new tools to build a whole new range of applications which are something more than the sum of the parts.

It's exciting to see the next wave - and I know it wont have a "portal" or be "windows only".

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