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A more fantastic caption

Author:Dave Winer
Posted:7/15/2000; 9:26:15 AM
Topic:scriptingNews outline for 7/14/2000
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OK, now I want to do another caption, which is more deeply true, for me and even more fantastic.

(The root of "fantastic" is "fantasy".)

Gates is my grandfather. Ranting on about the plutocracy, and forming a confederation to fight them, to overthrow them, to get revenge for all the injustices they've heaped on the Jewish people. He's the leader. I am his (unwilling) deputy.

He goes on and on. My brother, father, mother, and grandmother all lurk. I have been chosen to receive his ranting madness (we all take turns). I never get a word in. His hearing aid is turned off. He stops when I talk, but he never hears a word. I have to yell, talk slowly, repeat each word five times, he still doesn't understand, I give up, and he resumes his lunatic rant at full speed. Everyone else engages in smalltalk, thankful that they don't have to be in the hotseat.

BTW, in this dream, Ballmer is my grandmother. ";->"

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