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Posted:7/31/2000; 9:49:20 AM
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any business is certainly a sink hole in many ways! but having written regarding this issue when the napster discussion began, i would like to comment on my thoughts regarding software distribution, since distribution is what it is about. as other comments have stated the cost is not always justified in terms of purchasing software. i have racks of it and large amounts of money have been invested in software which we did not find useful later. also, time has been invested in learning to use it. time of mine and employees. much time. so we similarly invest in software, especially if we get involved in a community.

my initial response was brought about by a web developer who stated that he was interested in frontier. how does userland get this person to be a client? money is an issue but time is also. several 3-d software vendors are creating lite, free versions to combat piracy and increase mind share. i visit this site regularly, and am interested in the product, but will not purchase it at the 895 rate, especially when we would have to prepare another server. why not create a site? because installation and tuning are as important as features. test it on a mac. test it on nt. play with it.

i am very aware that many graphic design offices in chicago do not have legitimate software, yet we have to compete with them and have purchased every piece we own (except for fonts which will be rectified shortly). interestingly, fonts have many of the same issues as music. i feel that this is about how to increase mind share and create a profitable distribution mechanism. ultimately, it is also about trust. we want artists to trust us to purchase their music, but want to try it at the same time.

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