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Author:Ralph Hempel
Posted:7/31/2000; 1:31:20 PM
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This IS interesting. In fact, it's the model that has made AutoCad whta it is today. OK, forget that it is bloatware but focus on the fact that it is THE standard for CAD on the desktop.

What I'm getting at is that Frontier WAS to the Web what the original versions of AutoCad were - namely a brave experiment in what really should have been possible on computers. Kinda like Windows 1.0 was. Do you see the pattern?

Dave has been able (for whatever reason) been able to keep the vision behind outlining strong, and has brought the concept to a killer app that everyone will want - radio.userland.

What I'm thinking is that most folks (consumers) have forgotten about the old outliners and are ready to see the benefits in a simple product like radio.userland. Now is the time to burn Frontier and the idea of outlining into the collective conciousness of the web.

Think about it....all this time, people haven't had a really good excuse to turn to Frontier. Word works OK for my documents. I can use FrontPage for my website. I have a bunch of Tcl/python/perl macros to do that. Why do I need Frontier?

Now you can show them the simple idea of a playlist as an outline. Next, show them how their website is really a heirarchy, just like their file system. Hey! You can put in a special template for each section of your site. Hey! You can actually write a document, paste in links to code/images/content and publish it from Frontier. No, it's not WYSYWIG, but you can choose different templates depending on if your publishing to paper or the web...

It's not just about radio.userland - that's just the wedge that opens up the mass market for Frontier. Are you ready?

Cheers, Ralph Hempel P.Eng

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