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Author:Russell Lipton
Posted:7/31/2000; 10:31:14 AM
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Everyone's mileage (or perceived mileage) varies.

For our commercial business, $899 for Frontier is eminently reasonable - inexpensive. It's just that we can't justify it at the moment since everything works more-than-well-enuf under Notes. We are a small biz, by the way.

Without the 60-day window, I would not consider Frontier for our business, especially since we are happy enough as-is. The window gives any serious developer plenty of time to break the software in all the ways required prior to purchase.

My sense, perhaps wrong, is that most of the early years of usage have been driven by academic, non-profit and assorted hacking individuals.

One of the reasons I proposed a Userland white paper project was to (perhaps?) facilitate some fresh speaking to the business-corporate side of the world. Unfortunately, larger enterprises tend to respond to the PR buzzwords and are terrified that a company like Userland will go out of business. Reasoning with them rarely works. But there are ways around that and Dave has a loooong reputation for fine software (I am a newbie to Frontier but did use ThinkTank on an (upgraded) Mac that I bought originally the first day the Mac was introduced).

In fact, ironically, the product may be way too cheap to appeal to the suits. If it was sold for $4,999 with some training thrown in (for another few thousand), references to Frontier consultants attached and (don't forget) a deluxe binder with some "documentation", it might do better. Strange but true, imho. Not sure Userland wants to support that world .....

aka HeadDuffer

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