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Re: Mozilla: signs of impending death

Author:Andrew Wooldridge
Posted:8/1/2000; 9:24:10 AM
Topic:Mozilla: signs of impending death
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The idea that Mozilla == Netscape is a difficult one to overcome. You are right that Mozilla came from Netscape, and we are it's largest "customer" right now. I believe that this is sort of a transition period where the technology gets stabilized, and everyone works hard to get a mozilla 1.0 and a netscape 6.0 out the door. After that I think you will begin to see a sea change in the amount of development outside of Netscape's walls on Mozilla. We have to prove that we have something of value in order to attract companies to use it.

Everyone, including us, are holding our breaths till a dot release. Its hard to do, but in my opinion as a Netscape employee working on the browser, I think things are really shaping up and that this is going to be something we can be proud of.

No one is waiting on XML to release a 1.0 product. XML is something that is at the heart of Mozilla's layout, not something tacked on as something "cool".

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