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Re: Mozilla: signs of impending death

Author:Andrew Z
Posted:8/1/2000; 11:55:09 AM
Topic:Mozilla: signs of impending death
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I hope it comes out someday. Its already too late in the companies I have worked for the past 2 years. One even had standardized on Netscape 4 back in early 98.

And while I understand XML is "At the heart" of Mozilla thanks to XUL, I still don't understand why the gecko/NGLayout is dependent on it. The outside companies that are using Mozilla don't have to use XUL do they?

Personally, I think the call to use XUL was poor, an example of feature creep. I'll admit I don't know if NGLayout requires XUL, but the wait has been too long for me as a web site developer. When/if Mozilla gets marketshare in the PC arena, I'll happily code to open standards, but until then I'll have to cope with IE's lead over Netscape 4 and the business pressures to say "Screw Netscape".

Best of luck.

Best Regards, Andrew Z

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