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About Joel Spolsky's 3 Wrong Ideas from C.S.

Author:Henri Asseily
Posted:8/22/2000; 2:43:44 PM
Topic:About Joel Spolsky's 3 Wrong Ideas from C.S.
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A couple of points regarding Joel Spolsky's 3 Wrong Ideas from C.S.

Regarding searching: Yes, sorting is absolutely critical, but if you don't have the proper stemming and synonym algorithms you may not even get the proper group of pages to sort. The best is, as is generally the case in most programs, a combination of features.

Regarding network transparency: Joel points out that one should use FtpOpenFile instead of CopyFile for network copies, and that one should disconnect Network from local resource access. I contend that one could merge the two rather easily, using ONLY FtpOpenFile, not CopyFile. It is indeed harder to use and overkill for local copies, but it will still be very effective for local or network. Don't consider the network as an extension of the local, instead consider the local as a special case of the network.


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