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Re: Patents and no-cost software

Author:Will Iverson
Posted:8/23/2000; 4:19:09 PM
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You may not mean to, but I'm going to assume that you include "Open Source" or Free Software in the word "shareware". (A big leap, I know, but hang on.)

Actually, that was a total brain misfire on my part. I more or less meant all software, commercial, shareware, open source, whatever. The crossed circuit in my head was I remembered getting all sorts of email from shareware people complaining about it, even though I know everyone either routed around (painfully, nee PNG) or had to cough up.

MP3 & Vorbis sound like a similar issue to GIF & PNG. This is the first I've heard of it (ok, meaningless... ;). Looking at their site, it looks like Vorbis requires you to certify with them to claim compatibility. So, what do I say my app supports if I don't certify? Is it really open source to say that?

The bit about MP3 encoding is interesting, however. Is this a GIF problem in the making?



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