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Author:Kelly Thomas
Posted:8/24/2000; 12:09:15 PM
Topic:scriptingNews outline for 8/23/2000
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I work at the School of Journalism at Southern Illinois University Carbondale. We are a very respected and one of the top Journalism schools in the country. I am a computer geek. I am NOT a journalist.

I strongly feel that is NOT a news site and never was thus, it should not be held to the same standards. Both sides of the story are not equally represented and researched in the same way that CNN would. While even CNN has problems with equal representation, I think they usually try hard. Dave usually writes what he sees, how he feels, and what he does as a software developer. has news qualities. But is really a big editorial and more accurately, a weblog.

Look here... Dave is a SOFTWARE DEVELOPER, and a great one at that, just ask his banker! ;-) His journey in creating software is very interesting. He is a leader in the industry, or tries real hard to be one, and important people listen to him. But he has no professional training in journalism (that he admits). He's never had a class in journalism ethics or law, or admits to it. But he's built a really cool tool in Manila.

...a popular commentary channel, distributed via electronic mail and thru the worldwide web. Dave said it...<;/source>

If you ask me, this is ALL commentary. Andy Rooony, not Dan Rather.

(did I just compare DAVE to Any Rooney? yiikes!) Well you know what I mean.

All in all, I think Dave does a better than fair job with But that's simply my opinion, I could be wrong. ;-)


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