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Fragile egos

Author:Paulo Gaspar
Posted:8/25/2000; 7:27:19 AM
Topic:scriptingNews outline for 8/23/2000
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It is curious how Cam's posting is so much more personal than any of the listed Dave postings.

What is respect? Not using 4 letter words? Or is it more about the idea behind the words?

Is bashing to criticize a position one considers wrong? If it is bashing to criticize someone dids... how can we discuss about what is good and what is bad in the software business, learning from it? In the end, everything in IT is the result of someone dids. (This is not Biology!)

Doesn't light come from discussion so often, as far as everybody listens to everybody?

I am far from thinking that Dave is right all the time. He already told he is not right all the time himself several times. Are you (the reader) right all the time? (I know I am not.)

Isn't it just too damn immature to have such a fragile egos that break at any little touch. As Joshua Allen reminds, this all really sounds like a 6 year old saying: "I am not going to be your friend anymore".

I think that too many people spend too much time over bruised egos. And Cam is doing that. (Am I being personal now?)

The world would be a better place if we would spend less time with this kind of shit (Oh! a 4 letter!). We should instead focus on what is the positive content of each (even provocative) message and learn from it. (Me too, since I am not perfect.)

BTW, even if I am being provocative, I would like you (the reader) to understand that: - This message target is not offense; - If this message makes some attitudes look ridiculous, the positive target is that people avoid them and take more positive ones (attitudes); - I am not better than anyone here. I do those same mistakes too often.

I would like to publicly thank people like Joshua Allen for reminding me what a waste of energy is to take everything as personal. I would just like to remember that often enough. I will try.

I hope you do try too.

BTW, my first contact with Joshua in XSL-LIST was a "word war". Still, many positive things resulted from that "war". If our egos would be too fragile to learn from what was discussed, nothing positive would have resulted then. We would just get angry and offended.

I am no better than anyone here. We all can get more from a "word war" than just offense.

Have fun, Paulo

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